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bluh bluh i'll make this pretty but!!! please come give me feedback, comments screened/anon on/ip logging off, how's my portrayal of tiki but also in general are my tags engaging, am i giving you enough to work with, etc etc etc
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Vitals 4'6", tiny skinny stringbean build
looks like she's 12 absolute tops
prominent pointed ears, but otherwise mostly just look like a regular human
you can listen to voice clips here!

Fashion unreasonably long hair, always tied up somehow, usually in a high ponytail. she's not so good at doing it on her own so assume it looks sloppy at any given time
always wearing her dragonstone as a necklace around her neck, like so
currently without her crown
likes pink, wears lots of flowy layers and shiny jewelry. she has trouble getting her accessories on and tying all her ribbons and stuff herself, but Majima helps her get them together so they're always neat and tidy

Demeanor Tiki's very flighty, and does a lot of moving around, fidgeting and skipping and jumping around. she hates to be idle!
she'll tend to stick close to people she's most fond of, but in general, she doesn't keep a lot of distance between herself and others. say goodbye to your personal space bubble
if she's alone even for a little while, she gets distressed, so if you're the last person in a room and you start to leave, she'll probably follow you out; she doesn't usually go into otherwise empty rooms or areas, etc.

OOC i will backtag until the heat death of the universe but tend to assume other people won't; if you want me to backtag a certain thread please let me know! if it's very old and important in a way where it would significantly affect current events, i might ask us to handwave it
if you want to try to fight/inflict harm on Tiki, please let me know but i'm not opposed to it! physical affection gets blanket approval
please avoid physical torture, eye horror, cannibalism, and nail gore in threads with me, and please warn for significant gore


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